A Snowy Day at The White House

Written By: D’be-D’be

“Hey, Billy! Wake up! It snowed last night.” Robbie was jumping up and down on the bed trying to wake his Top up.

Walker slowly opened his eyes, then rolled over onto his back.

“Come on, Billy! Get up and get dressed. I want to make a snowman.”

Walker smiled at his Brat as he pulled himself up to lean on the headboard. “Look, Slugger. I know you love playing in the snow, but you still have a touch of fever. So I don’t want you going out right now. Let’s wait until tomorrow, okay?”

“But, Billy, it may rain today and all the snow will be gone. I’m feeling fine, really. I promise to get dressed real warm. Please!”

“Robbie, I don’t want to start my day off with an argument. Now the answer is no! Come on and get back under the covers while I go down to the kitchen and make us a nice breakfast.”

“There’s a staff that does that,” Robbie grumbled as he did what he was told to do and slipped back into bed.

“I know that, sweetie. But ever since I moved into the White House with you, I haven’t had a chance to cook too much. You know I love to cook. The chef said I could use her kitchen any time I wanted to.”

“But if I have to stay in bed, I want you to stay here with me!”

Walker laughed as his Brat tried to put a little boy act on, hoping that would persuade him to change his mind. “We have all day for that, Slugger. I won’t be long. Remember to take your pill because you have to take it twenty minutes before meals.”

“Yes Sir!” Robbie gave a little salute.

Walker laughed again as he bent down to give his Brat a kiss, then he left for the kitchen.

After taking his pill, Pierce slipped out of bed and went to look out the balcony doors. His eyes sparkled with glee as he noticed there was at least a foot of snow gathered on the balcony. Without thought of the consequences for his actions, Pierce opened the balcony doors and stepped out into the snow. He reasoned with himself that he really wasn’t outside. After all, technically he was still inside the White House. He picked up a hand full of snow to feel its texture. It was wet and sticky, perfect for making a snowman. He slipped back inside to grab his robe and a pair of white gloves from his dresser drawer and went back out on the balcony to commence making a snowman.

He was having the time of his life. He was trying to decide whether or not to make the snowman anatomically correct, when he heard the voices of two Secret Service Agents below. With playful delight he took a handful of snow off the railing and threw it down on the men. A good amount of snow went directly down one of the Agent’s back.

“Hey! What the hell!” he screamed as he looked up, only to get another fistful of snow in his face.

“Hey! Who the hell is doing that? Show yourself!” he ordered.

Pierce stepped to the edge and looked down. “Hi, Taylor. How’s it going?”

The Agent’s face turned pale when he realized he had just been yelling at the President of the United States. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t realize it was you up there. I thought it may have been one of the cleaners or something.”

“No, it’s me. You guys want a snowball fight?” Pierce challenged as he pitched down a round ball of snow.

“I don’t think that would be appropriate, sir.”

“Oh come on, guys. You’re just using that as an excuse. The real reason is you’re chicken!” He emphasized his last statement with another snowball.
The other Agent had enough so he picked up a hand full of snow and began shaping it into a ball.

“Look, Taylor. He’s practically giving us permission to hit him. I’m going to show the little brat what a real snowball fight is like. You with me or not, Taylor?”

Taylor still felt uncertain about hitting the President with a snowball but when another missile came hurtling down and smacked him on the head, he changed his mind. “I’m with you, Brian. Let’s get him good!”

The President had the strategically advantage of course, but it didn’t stop the Agents from trying to hit him. Pierce was having so much fun, he didn’t hear his Top coming back into the room with their breakfast. Walker looked around to see where Robbie was since he wasn’t in bed. He heard playful yells coming from the balcony. He stepped out to see what was going on and was greeting by a ball of wet snow hitting him directly between the eyes. He let out a startled shout, which in turn startled his Brat.

Seeing his Top standing there with wet snow running down his face was more that Pierce could stand. He burst out laughing and yelled down. “Great shot, guys! You missed me but you got Billy right between the eyes. You better get out of here because he looks a little pissed off.”

Walker looked down at the two Agents. “Good morning, Gentlemen! I want to inform you that the snowball fight is over. The President has to come in now and prepare for the rest of the day.”

Walker looked over at the snowman sitting in the corner. It took all his will power not to laugh when he noticed his Brat had given his snowman a hard on. He was angry at Pierce for being out in the snow after he was told he couldn’t, and if he laughed it would send his Brat the wrong message. “Get back into that room right now. The Agents aren’t the only ones I’m pissed off at!”

“But, Billy, I didn’t go outside. I was just on the balcony.”

“Oh really! Is that your defense? Well, Slugger, you were still outside. And just in your robe and slippers, I might add.”

“I had gloves on!” Pierce answered back.

“You’re testing my patience, Slugger! Now you directly disobeyed a direct order, so what do you think is about to happen now?”

“I….I…I guess I have to be punished!”

“You guess?”

“No. I know I have to be punished.”

“Good, now come on over here and take off your robe.”

Pierce removed his robe then walked over to stand by his Top who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Walker reached down and after pulling his pajama pants and shorts down, he pulled his Brat down over his lap. He noticed the little butt was already red from the cold and shook his head and he lay the first slap down.

“Owwww….that hurts, Billy!”

“Oh really. Isn’t that too bad! Now tell me why you’re being punished!” Walker demanded as he laid three more smacks down.

“Owwww….I disobeyed your orders about playing in the snow.”

“And why didn’t I want you to play in the snow?”

“Because I’m still sick. Owwww…Owwww…. I’m sorry, Billy. Please…..I just wanted a little fun. I wasn’t thinking. OWWWW. I’m sorry!” Pierce apology was mixed with tears, and after three more slaps. Walker stopped.

“Okay, Slugger, you can get up now and pull your pajama bottoms back up.”

Pierce continued to cry as he stood up and pulled his clothes back on. He looked over at his Top who had his arms held open. He sat down next to him and flew into his arms. “I’m sorry, Billy. You’re were right. I shouldn’t have been out there.”

“It’s okay, Slugger. It’s all over. Let’s get you back in bed.”

“Are you coming in with me?”

“Yes, after I dry myself off.”

Pierce began to chuckle. “You should have seen the look on your face when that snowball hit you.”

“Yeah? Well, Slugger, you should of seen the look of YOUR face when you saw me behind you!”

“Deer in the headlight look, eh?”

“Yeah, something like that. Now eat your breakfast if it isn’t too cold, while I clean up.”

Walker stopped just beyond the bathroom doorway and turned towards his Brat. “Slugger,” he stated. “One last item on the subject. That was some excited snowman.”

“Yeah, and I bet you know who I used as a reference,” Pierce answered back.

When they were both fed and comfortable in bed, Walker turned to his Brat. “Hey, Slugger, what do you say you and I go to Camp David this weekend? They just got eight feet of snow and no rain in sight.”

“Oh can we, Billy? Really?”

“Yeah, we can. And while we’re there, we can have a great snowball fight with the Marines.”

“I can’t wait! I love you, Billy!’

“I love you too, Slugger. Now come here so I can get my own point of reference for the snowman I’m going to build this weekend.”

“I love how you think, Billy!” Pierce laughed as he slipped into Walkers arms.

The End